Centennial Mass of OLF–Bishop Mueggenborg

Today we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the last Apparition of the Blessed Mother at Fatima. As we do so, it is important to remember that Marian Apparitions have a Threefold purpose.   Motherhood of Mary – her care for us Include Mary in our “mindfulness” Lead us to Jesus   The first reason Mary has appeared to the Church throughout history is because of her motherhood. This passage from the Gospel of John contains three simple verses but the name “Mother” is repeated 5 times in those three verses. The Gospel writer John is trying to tell us that this moment is about the Motherhood of Mary. She becomes the Mother of the Church, the mother of all disciples, as she is given to us by her son on the cross. This moment of Jesus is our Lord’s ultimate hour. He reigns from the cross and pronounces a new kingdom of love and peace. He gazes down and sees his mother and the beloved disciple – someone who is a symbol of all of us. And in this moment we are told that Jesus “hands over his spirit”. It’s important to note that our Lord does not “give up his spirit” as some translations say. Rather, we are told that he “hands over his spirit”. That is an important distinction. When Jesus hands over his Spirit, the Holy Spirit, from the cross, we must ask ourselves “to whom does he give the Spirit?”. The answer is found in those gathered at the foot of the cross – the beloved disciple and the Blessed Mother. They are ones who receive the Spirit of Jesus in this moment. And because of that, Mary becomes the mother [...]

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