The 2016 Annual Catholic Appeal has begun!


We are seeking everyone’s participation this year so we can reach our goal of $115,000 as quickly as possible! Please click here to make your donation now!

If you gave last year, please consider increasing your gift by 5% this year. If you did not give last year, would you consider the gift of $1 a day for a year? Of course, gifts of any amount are welcome, and your gift will make a large impact on many lives!

For your convenience, there are many ways to give, and you have until April 2017 to fulfill your pledge.

Donating online (or through your pledge envelope) will help us by not having to mail you a follow-up letter.

Thank you very much for your support and participation!

Our Lady of Fatima Donations

Raised $111,565 towards the $115,000 target.

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We are grateful for your support of our church. Online Giving allows you to make contributions to our church without writing checks or worrying about cash donations. This site lets you set up automatic contributions and change the timing or the amount of your gift at any time. You may make pledges and manage your contributions to the pledge amount, and you may make one-time donations to special causes.

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